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Tue, Apr. 18th, 2006, 07:34 pm
livejournal is no longer cool....

so myspace has taken the place of livejournal...poor thing.

i do not update much, mostly because anything id have to say i probably shouldnt be saying on here because people would read it and get pissed off...

well i finished my class at oakland today, woo hoo. got a few more weeks of macomb tho, and undecided on whether to take summer classes or not. i didnt want to b/c i figured i would miss tuesday *bdubs* and thursday *hayloft* but then i realized this summer is gonna prolly be pretty lame.

everyone has a boyfriend, so i am the single friend. so i guess i should have something to do for myself this summer.

ummmmmmmmm other than that....my job blows. school is not cool. but i am tan! and i did get a gym membership! and i bought a bunch of new clothes! and my hair is short and blonde! and i rearranged my room! ya always gotta keep changing something in life or ya just get bored