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Sun, Feb. 12th, 2006, 09:55 pm
finally something to talk about....

This weekend was WONDERFUL! :)

It started off wonderfully on Thursday. I had class at 8 am which does suck, but my 10 am class was just an exam that I got done in like a half hour. Then, Sam and Sam lol both Sam's and I went and got pedicures. They look so cute! Then we went to my favorite place ever - Mongolian BBQ! Then Sami and I went shopping and checked out some gym stuff because we want to join one. Then I just kind of hung out at home, watched some Gilmore Girls and what not.
Friday, I worked til 4 and then rushed home to get ready and go to STATE! I got there around 6:30ish and we ate and drank and went to some frat. It was wonderful, I got to see my fav's, Kara, Nicole, and Danny and even meet some new people. Then we passed out around 3 and did not wake up until 4 pm Saturday. God did that feel wonderful. Blowing a whole day sleeping off a hangover :) Then ate some icky chinese food, got ready, drank again and off to Robin's birthday party! Where we drank even more. God I miss college life. Then we crashed around 4, after eating pizza. And I came home today to work.

I really need a break like this. It was wondeful. And now I just feel so relaxed and not soo depressed and upset as I have been. So thank you Kara because you fricken rock and you made my weekend rock too! ;)