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Mon, Feb. 6th, 2006, 01:16 am
i am psychotic

season 5 of gilmore girls is over. i cried. i need to see season 6.

life is kinda eh right now. not liking my job a whole lot, not sure what the hell im doin in school, and valentines day is in about a week and i have no plans whatsoever.

ugh. im sick of this life. i wanna trade it in and get a new one. i have been extremely pathetic. ive been watchin this damn show in place of anything else. i have no boyfriend and all of my friends do which makes things kinda crappy. i spend every tuesday, thursday, and saturday completely alone, unless i go to dinner with my mom. i dunno. kind of depressing.

my favorite phrase. i quit. what? i dunno, but i do.

Mon, Feb. 6th, 2006 03:32 pm (UTC)

u hush....no more being depressed...lets do it together!! We have a millllllion reasons to be happy...would u like me to list them all...ok well maybe not all but some..
*u have some of the most amazing people in ur life
*u have a wonderful relationship with ur momma, some people don't even have mommys...
*u have a job, even tho u hate it, ur responsible in keeping it til theres something better and u've held it so long instead of jus giving up when somethign gets rough
*u live on ur own and look how young u are...some 50 year olds that i know still live with thier parents...true story...
*u have no enemies...
*ur bedroom is pink
*jus bc u dont have somebody to have a great relationship with does not mean thats its the end of the world, i mean yea, having that would make things a lot better..but while ur single LIVE IT UP..bc when u find that person that will steal ur heart away, all ur gonna wanna do is spend every waking minute with him, and believe u me hunnie, it gets old..lol.
*gilmore girls will be back next season...
*u live with one amazing chick
*u live next door to one amazing boy
*u have an amazing life di..all u have to do is open ur eyes to see it, some people go through life with their eyes closed or open jus enough to see all that bad stuff thats going on, live it up...have fun, don't worry about whats gonna happen or when ur gonna meet that special somebody...look around and realize what u have and i really think u'll be ok..it took me 21 years to get to this point, i could be the most depressed person ever right now, but u jus have to take things one day at a time and u'll be ok..i promise...think about it this way, ur here and that should be all that matters, think of all the people that are our age and didn't make it this far bc of tragic endings...columbine, 9/11, hurricanes...all those horrible deaths..and so many of them were people our age...live it up for them, and think about what life would be like if u werent around...horrible. i can promise u that much...

love u chica..and if ur ever doubting anything at all..all u hafta do is look up at ur wall to that big pink picture frame and i think u'll start to see why lifes worth living...